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New York for Alanis

New York in December? Why not... plus we are here to see the new musical called Jagged Little Pill, based on you guessed it: Alanis’ Jagged Little Pill.


We are heading to Curaçao this coming week for a week of fun in the sun and a bit of a working vacation. With winter edging into Toronto, the week of warmth will be greatly appreciated.

Day Trip to Petra, Jordan

Alen and I decided to take a day trip to Jordan to visit the incredibly beautiful historical site of Petra. The day trip took almost 24 hours from our Tel Aviv from apartment door to door.

Toronto Time Lapse

Was visiting a friend who lives south of city hall and took a time lapse. A crazy Friday night!

Out they come. Bye Bye Tonsils.

After a few bad bouts of strep throat, the day has come to get my tonsils out.

Avril Lavigne in Toronto

Sunday October 6, 2019, I saw Avril in Toronto for the third time and my love for her and her music is still strong.

Extra Extra: The Boys

I was an extra this past week on the show The Boys. I was in a group of paparazzi while one of the characters was entering a red carpet gala.

Madonna as Madame X, You Have Let Us Down

Madame X, Madonna’s character for this album and tour, has let us down. We were in the original lottery to get tickets and we got tickets for the show in Chicago on October 15th. She has postponed the show until October 28th now.