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iOS 13

I read the Apple blogs and most likely the majority of friends and family don’t. So I’m going to put together some tips that you may find helpful.

Tel Aviv, Israel

A week in Tel Aviv, Israel with Alen and Karen.

Central Perk Friends LEGO

On September 1, LEGO launched the Friends Central Perk LEGO set and I set my alarm to get my hands on one. A week later it was at my door, I filmed a time lapse of me making it.

It’s Time for an iPhone Upgrade

It’s that time of year! iPhone trade up time and that also means our existing iPhones will be available. As always, we like to give friends and family an opportunity to get in on our iPhones before we post them for sale publicly.

Kayaking Around Toronto Harbour

We ventured out for a two hour ride across the harbour to the calm waters of Toronto Island.

Extra Work

I don’t want to be an actor, I just want to experience new things!

Bend Oregon for Brian’s 40th Birthday

This weekend was spent in Bend, Oregon. A little gem of a place with great weather, a lazy river, and for us, some pretty fun people.

Weekend Trip to Detroit for Carly Rae Jepsen

Square pizza, scary arcades, drippy popsicles, nerd covered candy, an empty theatre and a full one.