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Out they come. Bye Bye Tonsils.

After a few bad bouts of strep throat, the day has come to get my tonsils out.

Avril Lavigne in Toronto

Sunday October 6, 2019, I saw Avril in Toronto for the third time and my love for her and her music is still strong.

Extra Extra: The Boys

I was an extra this past week on the show The Boys. I was in a group of paparazzi while one of the characters was entering a red carpet gala.

Madonna as Madame X, You Have Let Us Down

Madame X, Madonna’s character for this album and tour, has let us down. We were in the original lottery to get tickets and we got tickets for the show in Chicago on October 15th. She has postponed the show until October 28th now.

Herb Garden

August 10, I started a Click and Grow home herb garden. Here are my updates.

Apple Arcade

I have a short attention span so it seems the $5.99 CAD will be a perfect me. Over a hundred quality games that I can play and then toss away.

Are you with Fido or Rogers?

As of yesterday, September 22, 2019, they are matching a Freedom Mobile plan of 15GB for $60 a month.

iOS 13

I read the Apple blogs and most likely the majority of friends and family don’t. So I’m going to put together some tips that you may find helpful.