Where we ate in Las Vegas - January 2024 Edition

Where we ate in Las Vegas - January 2024 Edition

This trip found as at a wide variety of locations. From cheap to pricey, there was no shortage of food for us to eat and we didn’t discriminate.

This list will be updated as we continue the trip.


Reliable and no line up on a Friday. All were happy with their meals… and the latkes were delicious.

Din Tai Fung

Last time they didn’t have my favourite dumplings, which are not the soup ones, I love the ones filled with Sticky Rice.

White Castle

When Vanderump is closed for a private event, the next [probably not] best thing.

This was a scene. People may poopoo the all beef [but probably more filler] sliders, but I didn’t stop at 1. So that says a lot, or is that more of a reflection of me? The workers in this store, which has a very wide spectrum of patrons, work extremely hard to pump out boxes and boxes of these burgers. Dining was interesting, from the un-housed being asked to leave to the large family having a fully birthday party for their newly 9 year old daughter next to the ringing of the slot machines… including a chocolate cake that was offered as we were leaving.

There will be no photos of us eating at White Castle.

Ski Lodge

A speakeasy with food at Cosmopolitan.

A speakeasy tucked away outside of the Cosmopolitan. What a freaking treat! Designed to be a ski lodge including digital windows that show a snowy view. The menu is Japanese themed for beverages and they have a limited food menu. The drinks were delicious, but sadly, my drink that stated Gyoza in the ingredients, did in fact, not include a gyoza.

I ordered the S’mores that came with a little flame to melt your home made marsh mallow, to go along with custom cookies and the ski lodges own chocolate. It was a treat, but left me a bit sticky fingered… but the photos were cute.

Pizza for the table was also ordered, the crispy cheese was delicious but the crust could have been a bit more buttered and baked for a more Detroit style flavour and texture.


Off strip local haunt.

This place was an Uber away, and it was perfect. No line up, good prices and Ivana our server was lovely and fantastic with a good sense of humour. One thing about America that is so great, is when they offer you to-go versions of water, coffee or soft drinks when you are about to go. I subbed the banana nut muffin instead of toast with my skillet and it was warm banana nut deliciousness. I highly recommend.

My meal above was the Italian skillet with Italian sausage, peppers, mushrooms and a marinara sauce covered in cheese and eggs your way… but poached medium should always be your choice.

Thanks George for this recommendation.


The best Caesar Salad I have had.

We were fortunate enough to have a hotel credit that came with our hotel booking so we decided to do some fine dining. Carbone is pretty fine, and we were able to get a reservation which is apparently very hard to do on short notice. And when your credit manages to cover the bill, that is even more fine! Everything was family style so we split it all.

As soon as you sit, you get a bread basket with delicious garlic bread, fresh focaccia, and warm sesame bread, some spicy salami on the side and some pickled cauliflower. They also come over with a big wheel of parmesan and they give you a chunk to eat with your bread.

When I saw someone else having Caesar Salad being made table side, I was immediately drawn to it. And it didn’t disappoint, creamy goodness, we did tell them to hold the anchovies on the side… sorry Alen. The croutons were home made toasty goodness.

Our second course was the famous Spicy Rigatoni Vodka. A simple dish with home made el dente rigatoni and a deliciously creamy with a gentle spicy kick that was really delicious. Luckily, cause I’m so good at pacing myself, I saved some focaccia to sop up the sauce remaining on my plate.

Next up was the Veal Parmesan. It is a large piece and it fills the plate, they cut it like a pizza into four equal quarters. This dish is what they are known for after the rigatoni. Honestly, it was delicious, but for me I think I prefer a schnitzel. If I was going back I would probably skip the veal and try something else. We thankfully forgot to order a side and we didn’t need it. And no, they don’t have a chicken option but I did ready on a blog that if you call and specifically request chicken, they will do it for you… I‘m sure at a premium.

Lastly, was the dessert. I was eyeing some lemon cake but it was cheesecake, which normally I love, but another dessert caught our eye.

Carrot Cake with ginger icing, candied walnuts and ginger ice cream. It was delicious and I love how they cut it and presented it.

Overall, a delicious meal with great service!