Spa Land Scrub in Busan

Spa Land Scrub in Busan

I sit here in my Princess Leah headress in the relaxation room at Spa Land in Bosun Korea. I have a belly full of DIY Ramen and I just finished another round of a water rotation from cold plunge to hot tub. 

We came here not only to relax, but to get a Korean scrub… and oh boy did we get scrubbed. 

The scrub room is located within the men’s spa area. Assuming same set up for the females. We timed it perfectly because the attendant didn’t have anyone currently being scrubbed so we both were able to get the service done at the same time. The only requirement is that we had to sit in the baths for 10 minutes before he would take us in. This makes sure your skin is ready for the scrub. The bath area is a fully nude area, in case anyone was curious. 

We opted for the full treatment, not just a scrub. So we were in for 60 minutes of scrub and a full body massage. 

We were summoned after our 10 minutes of soaking to enter the scrub room, which was a tiled room off of the main baths. There were four massage style beds, two of which weren’t being used today, and two that were soon to be occupied by us. 

Brad went to his bed, and I to mine. And the scrub down began. The beds are vinyl and water ready. The attendant was in short rubber boots and shorts. 

The scrub began. I caught a glimpse of it, it was a loofah type cloth that he had wrapped around his hand and forearm (I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that is what I saw.) My eyes were covered with a towel promptly as I lay there naked on the bed. 

The scrubbing then started, the process took a good 10 minutes. He started with arms, belly and chest. Followed by legs. He would adjust me when needed, and he also moved my junk out of the way when needed also. The scrub wasn’t gentle. All I could think about is how I thought my tattoos were going to rub off… and how maybe I would be covered in scratches. But all good. My tattoos made it, and the only thing burning is my lips from the DIY ramen we had after. He got into every nook and cranny. My sensitive areas seem to be my sides… everything else I could take. Every time he moved to my belly, it would always jar me but a belly rub feels good even if it does feel like you are being scratched. Every once in a while he would throw a bucket of warm water onto me washing away everything he scrubbed off I’m sure.

After flipping over and enduring my back and legs  scrubbed down, he moved onto the 50 minutes of massage. He used some sort of oil, water based I presume, and worked over every digit, the bottom of my feet and every other muscle in my body. It was great, he was using a heavy pressure and I didn’t mind it. I’m sure it isn’t an RMT approved massage, but 50 minutes of deep pressure was fantastic. 

He finished up by pouring buckets of warm water on me after a quick wash and sent me on my way. We will be returning to the spa Wednesday and I’m hoping my skin can handle another scrub… I don’t think I need another full massage so soon. 

The spa itself not only has the gender separate sides but a mixed area where you walk around barefoot, in the pajamas they provide and in your Princess Leah towel turban. Instructions are provided to make the turban, I will teach anyone who wants to know. They have barber services, nail services and a full spa for more regular body treatments. 

There are many different temperature rooms to relax in with various different elements. A lounge area, a relax area and a room where you can lay on hot tiles.  

There is an outdoor space where there are  shallow stone bottom baths that massage your feet as you walk. A good place for your photo op in your towel turban while you swing in a hammock. 

As for food there is a snack bar, restaurant and a DIY Ramen bar. We opted to adventure into the realm of Ramen. You purchase the paper bowl and select the flavour of ramen to make. Selection is actually the hardest part because all the packaging is in Korean. After you add the contents into the bowl, the noodles and packets of seasoning, there are additions like bean sprouts, green onions, and mini weiners. Of course, I took the mini weiners. They also provide eggs if you want to mix one in.  This  was my first DIY ramen experience. You put the bowl on the machine and after you start it, the water pours and it brings it to a boil with a 4 minute countdown. With 1 minute left you need to get that egg in there if you are so inclined. I will never say no to an egg.  I enjoyed it… and I really liked my noodles. 

Like other Korean spas, you use your wrist fob to add to your bill so you can pay at the end. Entry fee for this Spa is only $20. 

Overall this was a great experience. At the low price point, we will take advantage of it again before we head out.