Seoul, Busan and Nagasaki - Asia 2024

Seoul, Busan and Nagasaki - Asia 2024

A spring Asia trip starting in Seoul, South Korea, then a train to Busan to the coast. We follow up South Korea with Japan, taking a fast ferry to Fukuoka which is southern Japan, followed by another train to our final destination of Nagasaki. The most exciting part for me will be Busan which looks really beautiful. I will divide this up into three posts for the three cities.

I will update this post as things unfold…

The Travel

Flights, airports and lounges.

Flight: San Francisco to Seoul

We are fortunate enough to be upgraded to business class which is appreciated on this 13 hour flight.

Lounge: The Polaris at SFO

These lounges are for Business class passengers only. They offer a buffet and also a sit down restaurant… at no extra charge. This is the first time we have done the breakfast, portions were small, but order another! And you can go to the buffet to accent your meal.

The best thing about this lounge is the individual all gender bathrooms… for all your morning business