Queen of Spades Card Game

This is the variation of how I learned this game. I enjoy it so much, I thought I would document it because I have yet to see any other instructions that follow these rules.

Queen of Spades Card Game

This is the variation of how I learned this game. I enjoy it so much, I thought I would document it because I have yet to see any other instructions that follow these rules. We do call it Queen of Spades, but I haven't found a variation with the rules that we play with. I'm newer to the game but these friends have been playing for years and these are the rules they, and now I, stand by.

Game Requirements

Two decks for up to 6 players, jokers included. Add more decks if you need more players.

Set up how high you want to score before a win. The game score can fluctuate greatly round to round. The normal is 1000 to 2000 for a win. You can even start an infinite game where you just keep adding the score for as long as you want.


The person who deals first cuts the deck. They then use the deck in their hand that they cut and they deal out 13 cards per player. If they manage to cut the perfect amount of cards to deal out 13 cards per player or if they can deal out the cards and have one left over for the face up card, they will receive 100 bonus points. If they run out they simply take additional cars from the deck to finish the deal.

If the dealer starts dealing and they forget to cut, trust me it happens, it is their loss and they lose out on the opportunity to gain the 100 bonus points.


Get the most amount of points in a hand to add to your score for the entire game. Catch other players off guard by going out first or play the long game to try and accrue points. The player out first in a round gets 100 bonus points.

Game Play

The person after the dealer goes first and play goes in a clockwise direction. 

There is the face down draw pile and the first face up card in the discard pile set by the dealer. The player has the option to take from the draw pile or because there is only one card face up, they can take that card. The only time the face up card can be simply taken is if it is the only card in the discard pile.

Cards can be laid in front of you from your hand in sets of three or more. 2's are the only wild card and you can not place two 2's with a single card to make a three set. You may also add to cards that you have already laid.

For example you have a set of 3 Jacks and you pick up another Jack. You can add that Jack whenever you wish to that set. You can also add a wild to any set.

You may lay sets of three or more during your turn until you discard. Once you discard, your turn is officially over. A laid card is a played card.

Jokers are not wild and can be played with a wild 2.

No set may have more than one wild card (2) but you can make a set of three or more 2’s.

The turn is completed when the player discards 1 card. One card must be discarded on every turn and after that card is placed, the turn is over and no other cards can be laid and the turn continues to the next player. If the player discards their last card, they have won the round. They also get a bonus which will be explained in scoring.

If there is more than one card in the discard pile…

This is where the game gets a little tricky so read carefully. 

If there are more than one card in the discard pile, you may not simply just take the card or the pile. You may still take a card from the draw pile on your turn but if you want that freshly discarded top card, there are some rules to follow. 

The top card that was just discarded, if you take it you must make a set of 3 or more, a natural set with no wilds and lay down that set. If you have 4 of a card in your hand you do not have to put down all 4 and that discard to make 5 cards. You can put down 2 cards plus that discard and hold onto that other pair if you want to do it again in the future. The only requirement is a minimum set of 3 with no wilds. 

How we play it to avoid any play issues, let’s say the pile is a face up Jack with 5 cards underneath. What we do is the player would put down their two jacks in front of them, take that top discard Jack laying the set in front of them and then the rest of the cards into their hand. At this time the player can always place additional sets or add cards to their existing sets. We do it this way in case the entire deck is swooped up and the player was incorrect with the matching set with the discard. Apparently it happens. 

You can not take the discard card / pile if you can’t make a natural set.

You can not take the top discard to add to your set you have down. You need two more of the matching cards in your hand to do this.  So basically, if you have three 5’s down and two in your hand, and someone discards a 5, you can take the pile and lay 3 five’s, you can join those three cards with your existing set of 5's.

There is some more strategy on how to lay your cards and when,  but I’ll let you figure that out. 

Remember, if by chance there is only one card in the discard pile you can take it without consequence. You do not have to make a set with it. 

NOTE: If you run out of cards to pick up from, once the last card is picked up from the draw pile and the final discard has been made for the turn, the round is over. No one is awarded the 100 bonus points for going out and scoring is completed as usual without the bonus.


100 Points: If the dealer cuts the perfect amount of cards to deal with or without discard.

100 Points: First one to be out of cards, remember, they MUST have a discard.

After the last card is discarded the round is over. Subtract the score in your hand from your laid cards. You may go into a negative!

Queen of Spades: 100 points! Yes, this is correct, and makes it vital to either play or get the bitch out of your hand!
Jokers: 50 points
Wild 2's: 20 points
Aces: 15 points
10 through King: 10 points.
3 through 9: 5 points.


You are not the first out and you have laid:

Set: 2, 4, 4 (2 is wild)
Set: 10, 10, 10, 10
Set: Queen of Spade, Queen, Queen

Played Total: 190

In your hand you have:

2, 3, 6, 10, Joker, Ace, Ace

Hand Total: 120

Score: +70