The camera in your pocket is the best camera right? Sure. That does apply to me because I always have my XS with me and it is a pretty good camera. 

But sometimes when I’m travelling or at a concert, the zoom is quite lacking in the iPhone. I do have 2x zoom but that isn’t enough sometimes. 

Over Black Friday I decided that it is time to get a small camera to carry while travelling that has an amazing zoom. I first ordered a Nikon A900. I found it a little basic and there was also an issue where the battery wouldn’t charge overnight. I decided to research to find another alternative. 

I finally settled on the Canon PowerShot SX740 HS. This little camera is small enough to comfortably fit into a pocket and travel on bag... but it also has a whopping 40x zoom. 

The zoom is definitely some overkill but I’m one who always likes to be over prepared. Plus when you are zoomed in, unless you are using a tripod you are bound to get an unfocused shot. 

So far I’m pretty happy with it but time will tell when I’m in Vancouver for the holidays followed by Asia for New Years. And with our 39th floor view from our condo, there are lots of things to zoom in on. 

Tip: Never is digital zoom. As tempting as it is I don’t find the quality is ever worth it. Move your ass closer or take a photo and zoom in after. Just my opinion, I actually turned off Digital zoom on this new camera so I will never accidentally zoom into that range and end up with a grainy photo.

No Zoom

40x Zoom

This is on top of the tallest tower, almost in the middle.