January 21 is the day that I’m started Whole 30. After getting a little careless with my eating habits, I thought I would go hard core and jump start better eating habits.

The last thing I ate was Secret Pizza in Las Vegas at 7:31AM EST. It was after the bar and 4:31 PST. So I’m making the call that my the Whole 30 program’s last day will be February 19, 2019.

Whole 30 is a program were you eat food from a finite list of healthy whole foods. I will be avoiding sugar, dairy, wheats, and complex carbs. The goal is not only to shed some pounds but also reset eating habits and purge your body.

Starting Weight: 226.9 lbs.

Conclusion On Day 31

During this process I have read a lot of different blogs, forums, and sites about Whole 30 and how people feel. Here is what I experienced and what I have learned on Day 31.

I like to finish something, and I did finish this without one slip up or cheat. I haven’t had a slice of bread, a sugary condiment, a drop of milk, a shot of tequila or a sugar crystal for 30 days. I’m proud that I did this. It was a bit of work when it comes to planning meals, but I enjoy cooking so I found it fun.

My goal was to lose some weight, and I know I have lost about 10lbs but I also didn’t use that as my driving force. Some say it is a food reset and I agree. Fruits and vegetables are delicious and I’m happy to increase them in my day to day eating habits going forward. If there is anything I’m taking from this it is that I will be increasing my daily intake.

Energy wise, I feel fine. I have been doing Keto off and on so I didn’t have a huge boost of energy some people report since carbs had already been reduced in my diet before. I stopped drinking coffee in December and I can easily make it through the day without a nap. I have read of people boasting about a surge of energy, but I didn’t feel much different.

Gas. Man, I had days of gas. I think it was attributed to apples. I also had some bloating. On day 30 there is still a bit of bloating but I’m hoping as I continue to eat larger amounts of fruits and veggies my body will adjust and fix itself. All the dairy from Keto sort of firms up your poop and I do find I miss that. So I’ll be adding dairy back in and trying to get a little more regular. Even at day 31 I think my gut is still trying to heal itself and accept back into it more veggies.

Sugar. It’s everywhere and it is very hard to escape. Whole 30 recommends that you make your own food so that is what I did to easily escape all the sugars that are in everything. I’m going to continue to try and avoid sugar but I’m also not going to stop living life, I will still enjoy treats in moderation.

Midway through I had a gout flare up. For me, I always thought my trigger was beer and this time I couldn’t pinpoint what caused it. The food I was putting in my body was very clean but I did read that rapid weight loss could cause a flare up. Losing 10lbs in a month is technically not too rapid but maybe it was enough to cause it.

I did not crave a thing. My mind was set and nothing was going to sway me. I think this is part of the food reset. I was happy to avoid feeling gross after downing a pizza or a piece of cake. I love the taste of food but I don’t love how some of the food makes me feel after. I have to keep reminding myself that sometimes it isn’t worth it and hopefully that will continue. Today is day 31 and I’m not looking to stuff my face with everything I couldn’t eat, I think that shows how I have evolved. We’ll see if that lasts, I easily slip back into bad habits.

Nom Nom Paleo. It’s an app, it’s some cook books and it is all delicious. I have followed her for many years and her recipes made eating delicious and easy. You can eat well and taste good food without all the “bad” stuff. Most of the recipes I made were from her and I’ll be continuing going forward to make even some of the Whole 30 recipes she offers because most of them were so delicious.

Anyone who says “they can’t live without” something is full of shit. You can do anything when you put your mind to it. It just takes some effort and having a goal always helps, my goal was 30 days.

Overall I think this was a good exercise and I don’t think it will be the last time I do it. Schedule allowing, maybe I’ll do it once a year but I hope I have adjusted my natural eating habits so I make smart decisions going forward. I’m going to follow a relaxed Paleo diet going forward while allowing the occasional treat maybe on weekends or while traveling. I also hope I continue to cook because I think we were eating so much better than having delivery every night.

Note: Due to bad planning I didn’t take before an after pictures but here is my face before and after and there definitely was a difference.

Day 1

It started easy. We were flying home from Vegas and once my mind gets set, it is set. At the airport I only ate vegetables and I didn’t eat any of the snacks on the plane. When we finally got home I made some eggs and that was it. 1 day down, 29 to go.

Day 2

First thing I did was to get stocked up on some produce and plan some meals. I made Ground Beef Chili from Nom Nom Paleo in the Instapot. Turned out pretty good! I’m sort of enjoying that I can eat fruit, which I’m not used to when I did Keto.

Day 3

So far, so good. Finished up my chili, ate lots of fruit today. I do need to make a new meal to have ready. I may actually have to do some meal prep. A bit of a headache this morning, withdrawals after the Vegas weekend? Maybe. 

Day 4

I made Whole 30 chicken curry from nom nom paleo and it was delicious! I am excited to make it again. I gymmed and I played volleyball. All good. No headache today either. 

Day 5

So far, I have figured out that if I have food made Whole30 is pretty easy. If I wasn’t preparing meals then I could see it being pretty hard. Tonight I made a full sheet pan pork chops.

Day 6

I am not craving sugar or anything really and I am enjoying apples. Which sounds weird, but I never really ate apples before and I'm really enjoying them as a treat. I even avoided Pringles last night that were right in front of me.

Day 7

The days are getting easier. This is not hard at all. It’s been officially one week now with not a crystal of sugar, drop of alcohol or complex carb. Alcohol is easy cause I don’t drink a lot. And I’m still motivated to cook. I made a potsticker stir fry. Basically the innards of potstickers without the carbs. Pretty good and it made enough for a few meals. 

Day 8

Still hanging in there. Today I made chili lime chicken wings that turned out pretty damn good. 

Day 9

Today was a busy day with work and the gym so I didn’t have a chance to make dinner. We ordered in Swiss Chalet and I had my first plain baked potato. I always forget I can have potato on Whole 30. I always end the night with some berries and an apple as sort of a dessert. 

Day 10

I’m 1/3 of the way done! Yay for me! Today I made from Nom Nom Paleo spicy Pineapple Pork in the Instapot. It turned out pretty good, not that spicy cause I didn’t use enough peppers, but I’m okay with that. Brad said today that he thinks I lost some weight... I’ll take it. 

Day 11

Still going strong. I made a hearty stew to last for a few days. It was great and meaty and lots of vegetable. Totally making good use of the Instapot. 

Day 12

Gassy. TMI. But it seems to happen when you starting eating vegetables regularly. 

Day 13

Today I experienced my first meal out (other than Whole30 Chipotle), we went for Japanese. I had a salad with avocado and no dressing. It was actually pretty good. I also ordered some sashimi and I have learned that I really only like sashimi when it is dipped in soy and wasabi. 

Day 14

I’m so bloated and gassy. Sorry Brad. 

Day 15

I’m halfway there! 15 more days to go and honestly, I am finding this pretty easy. I don’t crave anything and I don’t miss anything. I think the key is preparing food that lasts a few days. I’m not scrambling for food and making bad choices. 

Day 16

Tonight was a real dinner out. It wasn’t some sashimi without soy sauce. We had dinner at Soho house and the menu is pretty accommodating already for gluten free so I settled on the Spicy Brick Chicken which isn’t made with butter and even the aoli sauce is home made with ingredients I can eat. I also had roasted broccolini that was done in olive oil. Perfect and filling. 

Day 17

Today I made Cantonese Crispy Chicken for dinner and a whole lot of vegetables. I watched a documentary on Netflix called In Defence of Food and they said you should have at least half your plate as vegetables so I’m embracing that.

Day 18

I’m getting used to all this but it seems that all this cooking is creating so much dishes to wash. 

Day 19

Brad may be eating pizza, but I was fine with my spaghetti squash noodles and ground turkey pasta sauce. I have found some amazing pasta sauce at Loblaw's that has only 7 ingredients and I can have all of them!

Day 20

I’m 2/3 done! Time has flown by and I really haven’t had any issues at all! I honestly think we are eating better than we normally eat with all this home cooked food. Today I made carrot cardamom soup and for dinner we had sous vide steak with potatoes and mushrooms.

Day 21

Today we had a family event and I held strong. Despite there being ice cream cake, egg salad sandwiches and my aunt-in-law's famous huge chocolate chip cookie, I stuck to fruits and vegetables. I made sure I ate before and honestly, I wasn't really tempted at all. 

Day 22

Where have the days gone? Only a week left and I’ll be done. 

Day 23

I can see how this is sort of resetting my eating habits. I’m enjoying cooking and healthy food. I can see attempting to stay eating healthy, we’ll see how long it lasts after the 30 days are up.

Day 24

Nothing to see here. Just another day. I’m thinking sticking to some sort of lifestyle where I choose better food choices won’t be too hard... until temptation comes along. 

Day 25

I needed some food after volleyball tonight so ended up at Wendy’s. Triple burger, wrapped in lettuce, with mustard and a plain baked potato. 

Day 26

No update today. This is all just normal now. 

Day 27

Everything tastes better with salad dressing, including tuna. 3 more days. 

Day 28

Travelled today and kept to it, fruit and some nuts were my travel snacks. I went for dinner at a friends place and she was so kind to make me a delicious Whole30 meal. Amazing. Two more days. I’m feeling like because I’m travelling it would be easy to end this a day or two early but I’m going to hold strong and make it. 

Day 29

Today may have been the hardest day. Maybe because I went out for dinner and I was thinking: two more days, I’m basically done right? Well I didn’t give into temptation, at a BBQ joint no less, and I settled on roasted chicken, green beans without any butter and a plain salad. I was tempted by deviled eggs and burnt brisket ends but they were a no-no. So it is day 29 and I have not cheated once. Not one crystal of sugar or bit of complex carb or dairy. One more day to go!

Day 30

This is it! I'm done! I made it 30 days without any sugars, alcohol, wheat, dairy and only whole food! I feel good, maybe not as amazing as some people seem to claim. I'll weight myself tomorrow to see how much weight I lost! If anything, I think this has been a good food reset.