Friday, Dan, Jordan, Brad and I drove down to the US stopping for lunch in London on the way. I had never been to London so it was interesting to actually see the town... by interesting I mean I can now say I have been there. We did visit what is probably a pretty great patio on a lovely sunny day and I did enjoy my club sandwich, it was perfectly moist.

We arrived at the lovely MGM Grand to our room on the Concierge Floor and we were happy to find a Lounge. We definitely weren’t expecting anything more than our room but we got some snacks which included mini chicken Caesar salad cups and as many cookies as you want to eat, but to our dismay, no free liquor.

We went to a very creepy antique arcade with a wide variety of games from new to very old. They also had some strange “scary” machines where for you insert your hand and the longer you keep your hand on a button the higher up you are ranked. The “scary” part is that a trap door opened and a “scary” dog peaked his head out and started barking. It wasn’t too scary, but I wasn’t the one that tried it. This is the type of place where horror films are made where the lights go out and a clowns face appears. It was called Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum. Brad was a winner.

Saturday started with a delicious brunch at Park’s & Rec, a diner blocks away from our hotel. The food was delicious and their Bloody Mary, the less superior version of a Caesar, was quite tasty and very well made. We ended the brunch with some to-die-for cinnamon bun cookies which were fresh from the oven and coated with gritty brown sugar and butter. I was a fan. But my scale probably is not.

Our next stop we were pleasantly surprised with. Karen had raved about this theatre-turned-parking-lot and we finally said we could go. Well, it was a block away from the restaurant and worth paying Razz, the quite enjoyable guardian of the building, $5 a head to get in. I highly recommend it. The abandoned shell of a theatre still exists and on weekends the lot is closed and you can wander around the crazy huge empty remains of the theatre. We also managed to get our boy band photos done while we were there and honestly, I’m so forking happy with the photo we took. I still look at it with awe and pure enjoyment. Tyra Banks always says to find your light. And we did.

The next stop on our whirlwind tour of Detroit was Bell Isle Park. An island in the Detroit River that I had heard of and thought we may pay a visit. We took in three sights at this stop after a wonderful drive with our Lyft driver where we were reminded how shocking it is to encounter someone who doesn’t have a passport. She was also worried about ever crossing over because a past rider of hers told her that he got his phone searched at the border. What are you hiding Lyft Driver? What photos are on your phone?

Bell Isle has a free Aquarium that is quaint. It could use some TLC. If river fish are your thing, you may enjoy it much more then me. There is also a conservatory next to it that was pleasant. Not enough flowers IMHO, but I’ll survive... it was free after all.

We ate popsicles in the heat which turned out to be a drippy bad idea. We thankfully had one more stop on the island that was a big fountain were we could get the sticky off our hands. I also took some time to run with seagulls in slow motion.

Carly Rae Jepsen at the Fillmore

The point of this trip was to visit Carly and I was definitely not disappointed. I have seen her so many times, I should just be her best friend. We got VIP tickets for the show so we got a signed poster, a laminate badge and early access. We were able to see and hear her sound check three songs, have her answer some questions we were able to submit prior to the show, and get a photo. The photo hasn’t been sent to me yet, so that will be posted as soon as humanly possible.

The show itself was magical. She has so many songs that I love and know 79.5% of the words to that I can see along with. The energy at a Carly concert is pretty spectacular because the gays and the girls love her and all her music. Her music is catchy and if you know the songs, you can’t help but sing along. I think it also says a lot for the albums if fans end up knowing most of the words. There aren’t many albums where you can say you can sing along to every song... and this wasn’t even just Emotion, it was also her new album Dedicated. The crowd was constantly singing and the venue was absolutely perfect. They had raised sections in General Admission so we were able to see everything perfectly with room to dance and harmonize as back up singers. If you can, listen to the albums (Emotion, Emotion Side B, and Dedicated), get hooked and go enjoy a Carly concert!

The weekend was a fantastic weekend with friends and the concert. The weather was great, the food was great and the company was perfect. If you want to see more photos, click here to open the gallery.