We took the tube out to Wembley Stadium to join the masses ready to join the Girl Power. Throngs of girls and gays crowded the tube and a few even broke into song. The Brits do love to drink and all the little girls that were too young to drink when they actually listened to Spice Girls so this is the time to enjoy them with a buzz.

Brad scored us some great tickets. There was no way we were travelling across the pond to sit in the nosebleeds. We got “VIP” tickets that includes a VIP package, postcards and a lanyard that says: This pass is nothing more than souvenir. We also got a book bag, a water bottle and pin. The pin was actually the best keepsake and may have started my official travel pin collection. I also picked up an ugly concert t-shirt for a whopping 35 pounds ($58 CAD) which will be cut into a shredder (thanks Zak). By the time we actually made it to the front of the line, most of the shirts were sold out! They are making lots of money on cheaply made shirts and I'm sure Posh is raking in the dough too.

Our seats were on the side of the stage, pretty good as far as distance but Brad did think that it would have been better to be front on. We were just above crowd height that made it look like they were floating over the crowds heads.

There is one word for this concert: Fun. We sang. We danced. I honestly didn’t pay attention to the dancers, I just enjoyed the music and the experience. We had some fun girls surrounding us and we all had a good time. I had made sure in advance that they knew we were going to be standing for most of the concert.

Wembley is huge and outdoor. We were just under the edge of the very high roof but the weather cooperated and we avoided a rainy experience. People had ponchos in case of the rain and I'm sure the water didn't mix well with all the glitter on peoples faces. I did see one girl get wheeled out in a wheelchair by paramedics, it seems she may have drank too much and she sprained her ankle, this was before the concert. She did give the thumbs up!

So a quick note about Jess Glynne. She opened and her outfit was less than desirable. I'll put a pic in the gallery but I don't think she is worthy of this page. Anyway, she has a good voice but was definitely not good at warming up the crowd, at least she didn't warm me to my cockles.

Leaving the concert was also an experience with so many people all heading for the tube. They had the crowds very well controlled and even had people with signs stopping the movement and metering the people from heading to the platform. Random Spice Girls songs would break out and people would start singing.

The concert was well worth the trip. Especially because it was just so bloody fun.

Please be warned, I do NOT know all the words and I sing horribly off key.

Spice Girls in London from Steven I on Vimeo.

And Now Some Words from Heather...


I was waiting for Ginger’s solo of ‘Let it Go’ when they donned their Disney Princess Dresses - but instead of that we got her moment to apologize to the Other Spices for leaving the band in 1998. Her words - I was a brat! Of course she is $orry!

I was also fascinated with Geri’s more conservative attire throughout the entire show. Her opening Elizabethan Royal inspired dress seemed awkward and difficult to dance in next to the sexier dressed and sparkly Sporty, Baby and Scary Spice. I was waiting and waiting for her back up dancers to pull the full length skirt off in a dramatic swoop like when Madonna’s dancer pulled her cape off at the 2015 Brit Awards (but without the fall). It never happened and I was disappointed there was no reveal of anything that may have had sparkles or crystal beads!

Maybe she changed it up because her iconic Union Jack mini dress no longer fits (it would be too big on Ginger today since she hasn’t eaten food this millennial) but had she donned it -even for one number - the crowd would have gone Spicy Nuts!

It is alleged that her husband is conservative and doesn’t like her prancing about with her bits jiggling about - but what made us fall in love with Ginger Spice and fall hard for her was her bold spicy confidence and her brazen Girl Power! Ginger wouldn’t let a man tell her how to dress!

The rest of her outfits were largely boring and she looked like a matronly receptionist for a hedge fund who might be blowing the boss but certainly NOT sharing intimate girl power love with Scary!

Her closing number was apparently one from the archives - but she donned it with black stockings which was an odd choice to cover your legs. Thigh High Boots is what we expect from Ginger - not stockings from the nunnery!

Sporty Spice!

Sporty Spice, my favourite Spice, (who is kidding who - they are all my favourite) but Sporty is the back bone of the band. Without Sporty the rest of the Spices would all just be a conflict of flavour. Sporty is like the simple yet strong salt and pepper that brings it altogether because she is an amazing singer and able to let the other Spice egos shine! What I loved about 2019 Sporty was that they gave her Sparkles!

Her opening number had a cheerleader appeal to it and at 40 plus she has never looked better! Sporty was always the more simple and Tom boy Spice and often over-fashion-spice shadowed by the rest. Not anymore! Give the girl sparkles and she will Sparkle!

Her closing number was the classics blue track pants with red crop top - but she wasn’t digging that polyester out of the trunk. Sporty got Sparkly! Sporty looked amazing all night except in her Disney Dress. The Disney Dress colour was blah. Actually it was worse than blah - it is blah-squared. Sporty has an amazing body and is super athletic... she is Sporty Spice... her Disney Dress could have shown off and celebrated her athleticism. Her Disney Dress could have been and should have been a beautiful emerald green or a rich moss green... any green really other than the camouflage blah green she was wearing. They are called the Spice Girls - not the Herb Girls and this dress was as exciting as dried thyme or oregano. Perhaps this is a beautiful colour for Meaghan Markle and her love of the earth tones but it was not Spicy!

I was also distracted with Sporty’s tattoos. The cross and the arm band dated and scream - ‘I got this tattoo in 1998!’ As for her lower abdomen - think it may have said Angel but I had a hard time reading it. Sporty is in shape though she is Strong and Powerful Spice and an inspiration to us all to get of the treadmill!

Scary Spice

Oh Scary Spicy! I am not sure why the press branded Mel B as Scary Spice except that she used to stick her tongue out and make faces. (Miley Cyrus did the same thing and was never called Scary for it....) If it were up to me I would have branded her Tiger Spice - a fierce powerful feline. Nevertheless, she is Scary Spice, a term that I would not have wanted to be branded with and a poor choice in hindsight but let’s save the politics of the Spice Girls and racism for another day.

Every single one of Scary’s outfits was phenomenal and she opened and closed the show in animal print! Not only were her outfits phenomenal - so is her figure! Not sure how she does it - we know Sporty works out hard....but Scary has been known to enjoy a drink plus plus! The Melanie’s are both in top notch spicy shape! Scary’s Disney Dress was also a beautiful regal purple and one that you could imagine on the Oscar Red Carpet versus on the Princess Float at the daily Disney Parade.

There were 2 outfits in the show that I think every girl wants to wear in their fantasy life and Scary’s leopard print sparkling cat suit was one of them! She rocked it! She was fierce! She made me feel like she had a tail without making me think it was a costume from Cats! I am voting Scary as number one for Stage presence and energy.

Also she is a crowd favourite to dress as and I don’t think I have seen so much leopard print before! Little girls donned it, grannies donned it, pudgy middle aged ladies squeezed into their Lycra leopard and it was fantastic! Leopard is the official colour of the Spice Girls!

Scary actually really impressed me since I wasn’t expecting her to be anymore special than she was as a judge on America’s Got Talent which was Annoying. However, I found her energy, her dancing, her animal print, even her singing all Spicy Good but her sheer joy at entertaining us was the perfect Spice for the Punch.

I can’t conclude about Scary without mentioning her new face. I’ll keep it nice - it is a new face. You take a look and make your own opinions.

Baby Spice

There is no such thing as too much Pink and Baby Spice is proof of that! Baby Spice is an interesting Spice because she taps into princess/schoolgirl fantasies. I have yet to meet a woman who when they were a little girl didn’t want to be a Princess (and if she didn’t she wanted to be the girl that gets to be with the Princess and take her virginity!). The Princess could be whatever you wanted her to be; strong, smart, powerful, gentle, or sassy, sexy and sharp, but ask any little girl to draw a princess and she is going to pick a pink crayon and draw a big pink medieval cone on her head. (We’ve come a long way baby... we have a long way to go...) Not liking Baby Spice is akin to not liking puppies and kittens - there is something seriously wrong with you if you don’t like her!

Baby Spice did not disappoint at Wembley and she opened in Pink sparkles, and showed off her legs all night! Baby’s Disney Princess Dress was the only one that gave us legs with a short front tapering down to a gown back. It actually didn’t look at all like a Disney Dress and she was pink perfection! She almost donned pink the entire show but she closed the night in a silver Disco Ball dress that I covet! Who wouldn’t want to wear that dress? Like Scarys’ cat suit, Babys’ silver shimmering swaying sparkles top the list of best outfits for the night for me. Showbiz perfection!

Like Scary - Baby is a fan favourite to dress up as and there were women and men of all ages and all shapes donning blonde pigtails, short skirts, knee high white socks “Oh Baby Baby - How was I supposed to know...” I have no doubt in my mind that there was a London surge of Saturday night sex when middle aged women came home drunk and dressed like a school girl, “Please Don’t stand so Close to Me...”

Baby Spice could have looked like a caricature of her 1990’s Spice with those pig tails and pre pubescent school girl look but she has evolved her Spice to an age appropriate yet ultra feminine soft and gentle Spice! If there was a Spice Girl that was or still is a Virgin that is Baby Spice! (My university dissertation: “The sexual politics of the Spice Girls: Perpetuating pedophiles school girl rape fantasies in the mass media millennial world pre #me-too movement” will be published when I do my post retirement doctorate on the Spice Girls and their effect on pop culture.)

Baby Spice is also a nice and healthy Spice and perhaps the only Spice without some sort of eating/body dysmorphia disorder. She looks healthy and happy... that is what food does for you. Viva Forever Baby!

Posh Special

I know the fans were aching for Posh and rumours were that if she showed up it would be at Wembley. She didn’t show - Posh is now Victoria Beckham and the night of the show Victoria Beckham was donned in Victoria Beckham at a wedding in Spain.

If she did show the fans would have gone Spicy Spicy Spicy Spicy Spicy NUTS! One quick cat walk and a pout was all we craved since I have no doubt that her microphone was turned off at every single live appearance they ever had. Posh can’t sing. Neither can I and I empathize! No amount of lessons or training will make a tone deaf ear hear tone. But it is a testament to her Posh Persona that she was cast in an all girl band. Thousands auditioned but they chose her - a person who can’t hold a tune to be a Spice Girl! Now she is Victoria Beckham and she won’t be a Posh Spice again!


David Beckham wants a knighthood and they will behave like they are already Lords and Ladies.

Posh Spice is getting credibility with her haute couture Fashion line... in the go forward time machine - she will have a more lasting legacy with her fashion than her time as a Spice Girl. Victoria Beckham clothes will not be on the racks at the department stores. She has

a chance of her own Dame-hood and she will behave like a Dame! (She is actually incredible - she can’t sew, sketch or stitch and she is a successful fashion designer! 2 careers without having the basics perfected! Plus she is married to David Beckham!)

They are friends with the Royals.

She can’t sing and she might just feel like a ridiculous fraud on stage.


She is Posh! Just too Posh for it all!

Get over it Spice Fans... she won’t be back unless or until she needs the money...

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