This post is a bit of a public service announcement for those that play Fortnite Battle Royale. Since I’m one of the few adults I know that play, I’ll be passing this info on to the adults that have kids that play.

Nana: this is a tech entry, so you can skip it unless you wanna get technical with me.

The past week I woke up to play a game like I normally do first thing in the morning. I was finishing a game and something strange happened... a player accepted my friend request. What? How? I never friend anyone that I don’t know. The notification was followed up with an email saying that my account had Two Factor Authentication turned on... Wait what? I then got an email stating that I had connected my account to an Xbox. I don’t have an Xbox! Immediately I knew my account was hacked.

What is Two Factor Authentication or 2FA? Two Factor Authentication is when there is more than just a password protecting your account. It is a second layer of security, in the case of Fortnite, it can either be an email notification on login or using an app that provides a code when you login.

Well I knew I was screwed. I tried to login and it in fact was requiring the second layer of authentication... so I couldn’t log in! I was worried the hacker may somehow lock me out or potentially use all my v-bucks. I didn’t want to lose everything.

So before you do anything you should be setting up 2FA. I’ll go into how I fixed the issue below, but it is so important that you protect your account.

How to set up Two Factor Authentication

Some things may change, but here is the general procedure I followed.

You need to go to the web site and login using your Epic account information. If you are into your account immediately then you do not have 2FA turned on. If it asks you to validate via email or use the Authenticator app you have 2FA set up, bravo! If you don’t, this is what you are going to do.

Once you have logged in you need to go to ACCOUNT and you will see all your account options.

Find Password & Security in the sub menu and click on it.

Scroll down and you will see the Two-Factor Authentication settings.

Authenticator App

You need to download an app from the App Store called Authenticator App. Once you have it installed you will scan a QR code and it will connect it up. When you need to log into your account next time you need the app next to you so that you can enter the number to finish authentication. It also provides you some back up codes that you can record if you don’t have the phone.


You can choose to validate via email, this may be handy for kids who don’t have phones. When you try to login you will need to have access to your email. An email with a code will be sent and the code will be required to login.

And that’s it! It really is so easy but I was lazy and although I always make sure I set up my accounts with 2FA, I never thought I would actually get hacked. Lesson learned!

How I Fixed My Compromised Account

So after I was locked out, I could have stopped and gone for breakfast. Thankfully I was quick to act and it saved me!

I immediately emailed Epic Support using the form at this link.

Within 6 minutes I had a response from Epic. They asked me to provide answers to 8 questions that would authenticate my account. A few of the questions were:

  • When I started playing
  • the receipt number from my last purchase from them
  • the IP address I most recently played from

I provided all the information and within 30 minutes I got an email from them letting me know they had unlocked my account, unlinked the Xbox and sent me an email where I could reset my password. I was lucky!

I didn’t lose any V-bucks, I didn’t lose my stats and access to my account. Epic customer service was amazing, I was not expecting a response so quickly and they were totally pleasant. After I logged in using the temporary password they sent me I promptly set up 2FA.

The Bottom Line

Set up Two Factor Authentication! Take precautions before access to an account may be lost and all the hard work down the drain! I was really lucky that I was quick to act and that they were able to reverse all the bad stuff before it impacted negatively. I was lazy and I should have done it sooner and I have learned my lesson!

This is also a lesson for anything that offers Two Factor Authentication, do it, it may allow you to avoid heartache and stress in the future!