I have owned many consoles in the short 41 years I have been on this planet. But by far, my favourite console is the Nintendo Switch. I find it the most versatile from TV to handheld and I have enjoyed the games much more than other consoles. That being said, I’m a casual gamer so crazy graphics and some of the big game franchises don’t appeal to me. I do have a PS4 and I solely play Cities:Skylines on it which is a fantastic game, but that is about it.

When I say it is versatile, I can pop it in the stand and it plays on my TV where I can play in groups etc. I can then pop it out, slide in the controllers and take it with me. I do take it when I travel especially if I know there will be some downtime. When we were in Palm Springs we would play JackBox in the evenings which is always a crowd pleaser.

My Switch ID

Hook me up! Be my friend! Play with me! SW-4003-2732-9822


Here are the games I have on my Switch and my basic thoughts on them.


This game is the only shooter game that I have really ever committed too... There is a short learning curve but I find the game really fun and I have improved quite a bit. I’m still waiting for a win, maybe one day soon. Plus it keeps me relevant with all the kids in my life. If you need a primer I’m more than happy to talk about it or there are lots of web sites with starter information. Technically this game is free. I did pay for 1 season to expand the challenges and in doing so I’m now able to pay for following season without dropping in any more money.

Player name: akislot

Jackbox Party Pack

This game has a variety of party games that are extremely fun. There are a bunch of packs you can buy for this game to always keep it fresh. We have friends over all the time and play and the evening is always full of laughter. Trivia, drawing, and if there are only adults in the room they can get a bit dirty and fun. Everyone uses their own iPhone (or Android) using the web browser. It is pretty cool how it uses your phone as your input device so some of the games can handle up to 8 people. I find because it is phone based, it keeps people focused on the game too and they don’t get sidetracked while playing.

Tricky Towers

I downloaded this game recently and so far I have quite enjoyed it. Getting Brad to play most games takes some work but he liked this one, and the competitive nature. We played the competitive mode where you try and stick Tetris like pieces up to a certain level. As you stack you can use weapons to stunt the growth of your opponents or help your tower along. It is fun, fast paced and up to 4 people can play. This one was bought from the online store.

Super Smash Bros.

Zak and I used to play this game at the end of work. We had lots of fun, since we are both competitive. This is the newer version and lots of fun so far.. which means I’m trying to unlock all the characters. The only problem is that my delicate non physical labour fingers get sore.

Mario Kart 8

This game is definitely a crowd pleaser and always a good time. Old and young always enjoy playing this game. Who doesn’t? Plus you can play online.

Super Mario Odyssey

I enjoyed playing the game, but fun fact about me, I have never finished a Mario game. And this one didn’t change that. I still haven’t finished.

KatamariDamacy - ReRoll

Just downloaded this one and played a few rounds. I loved this game on PS4 and it is pretty fun on the switch too, and pretty much the same. Again, my delicate fingers get tired quickly.

Mario Party

I alway have high expectations for this game but it never fully delivers. We were hoping that we would be able to play full online games with our remote friends, but it seems there isn’t full online playability. 

Zelda - Breath of the Wild

I have started this game after borrowing it from a friend and I am really enjoying it. There are a lot of controls to keep track of but it is fun nonetheless. Slowly I’m getting into it.

To Buy or Download

Some of the games like Fortnite can be purchased or downloaded free from the Nintendo store or you can buy physical media from the store. I think there are benefits of both methods. One friend recently had a good point that there is no price difference from doing a digital download but the physical cartridge does have a resell value. So money wise, you may be ahead if you buy it. But I’m all about convenience. If I can carry the console without having to swap cartridges when I want to swap a game, I’ll take that anytime. I did buy a 128GB micro SD card so I have expanded memory, recommended if you decide to download games.