When I heard there was going to be a musical based on Jagged Little Pill, with music from Jagged Little Pill I was excited to suggest we make a New York visit. Well, we are here now and we are seeing the musical tomorrow night... it opened tonight.


Jagged Little Pill Musical on Broadway

Last night we saw the musical Jagged Little Pill. There may be some spoilers below. Don’t forget, I’m not a critic and I write based on my emotion.

The musical was so much more than I expected. I thought it was going to be just a bunch of music and dancing with her songs. Well, having Diablo Cody (Juno) writing it, it was a complex story about sexuality, opioid addiction, and rape culture. It went pretty deep into those subjects and the story was actually fantastic and the music was used to tell the story. After the first act I said to Brad: it was hard to tell what came first, the story or the music because it actually fit together so well. The performances and singing were amazing and the fact that I knew every song from the album was also a bonus for me personally.

Some of it actually hit a bit close to home with Zak. It was the mother of the family who had the opioid addiction. You saw the impending overdose coming most of the show and some of the points she made explaining her addiction to her loved ones were very familiar as she was healing and dealing with it. The husband asked if it would have been different if he had noticed the signs of addiction and she replied: it wouldn’t have mattered because she was good at hiding it. I also drew a correlation as to what she said was the root cause of the addiction, a way to deal with a past trauma in her life...

I left the musical thoroughly fulfilled. It had a good story, a good message, and of course spectacular music. As I write this I’m sort of reliving much of it and it still has me sort of full of emotion. I highly recommend.



While I was mapping the hotel, the Westin Times Square, I noticed a block away was not only a Shake Shack but also a Jollibee. We have two in Toronto but we have still not been able to try due to crazy line ups and we are lazy to wait in those line ups.

Well this one had a line up, but it was a short ten minutes. Jollibee is a Filipino chain specializing in fried chicken that they call Chickenjoy. One of many unique things they have on the menu is spaghetti as a side. The spaghetti is gently sweet with cut up wieners and sprinkled with grated cheese. So yeah. I loved it.

The chicken was also quite good. We got two pieces each and at first bite I thought it was nothing special. But as I chowed down I enjoyed it more and more. I didn’t need another piece but I was a bit sad when I bit off the last crunchy piece of skin. Next time I’ll have to try the spicy, but I normally avoid foods that could cause the ring of fire.

For dessert we had a McDonald’s style Mango Peach pie. And I was very pleased that the pie was crisply deep fried.

Overall Jollibee was quite good. I don’t think I would wait in line longer than 15 minute or drive to Scarborough for it, but I would definitely go back. I’m also curious to see what their chicken burger is like... but the hotel is also close to a Popeye’s.


Getting There

We flew down here on United. It was a bit touch and go, Newark had traffic (no surprise) , so flights were delayed. Well we were lucky and got onto an earlier flight via standby and arrived in to the city a few hours before we had planned.