I’m not big into resolutions... Maybe these are more like guidelines to keep myself reminded of what I want to do this year. The events over the past year have definitely put life into perspective, so the small pleasures are something that I cherish more now. I have always lived life well, but I was reminded many times this year how fragile life is and how important relationships are. Addiction and mental illness have also been a hot topic this year and it has made me more sensitive to those that may just need a hug. Being there for someone may be as simple as sending a text or even better, a phone call. So I’ll make an effort this year to let people know I’m here and I’m always up for meeting up. Relationships are not forged in social media.

Now onto the stuff that I want to work on this year. These are things I have thought above over the past few days as the year came to an end. Things that I think I can integrate into my life to better my life and add to my happiness. And who the hell doesn’t like fresh bread?

  • Monthly nail care regimen.
  • Eat more ginger.
  • Make frittatas.
  • Bake bread.
  • Intermittent fast.
  • Read more.
  • Monthly facial.
  • Entertain more.
  • More flowers.
  • Become a tartine expert.
  • Declutter.
  • Build more LEGO.

And yes, go to the gym, but I already go to the gym so nothing much has to change there.