We are staying in a small town call Henningsvaer that is build on another group of small islands. You need to take two bridges to get to the town which is primarily a fishing village. Our AirBNB is adorable with a door that opens to a channel where fishing boats are parked.

While driving to the Henningsvaer after landing at EVE airport in Narvik airport we saw some amazing sights on the 3 hour drive but as we have explored more it just seems to get more beautiful. We are spending three days in Lofoten.

Some things I want to mention:

  1. Fantastic cellular service, and most times LTE, is everywhere so far. Very pleased with that.
  2. The AirBNB has great internet.
  3. Yes, things are expensive but I can’t use the Big Mac scale because I haven’t seen a single McDonald’s, let alone a fast food chain.
  4. The apps say there is a sunset at midnight and sunrise at 1am but I think that is just a formality. It was full light between midnight and 1am.

Ryten Hike

Our first day was spent driving 1.5 west to a hike called Ryten. The weather was in the high teens and it was sunny and sometimes overcast.

The views on the way were stunning as we drove between islands along the Norwegian Sea. The islands are connected by bridges or sometimes tunnels. The longest tunnel we went through on this leg of the trip was 1.9km long.

We stopped in a large town named Leknes for snacks and it seems not every town is a fishing village!

The hike itself was amazing. It started after crossing two lovely bridges (I’m a fan of bridges) at the base of a mountain range. As we climbed to the 550m summit, we took in the amazing views of the ocean, more mountains and beaches in the distance. We were even able to get some pretty good pictures. The hike itself was about 1.5 hours each way and a I would say a medium hike in difficulty. I don’t hike much so I could be way off in my grading.