The new iPhones are here and many people are underwhelmed, rightly so, there are no mind blowing new features... visually. I think it isn’t a huge upgrade but it is still an upgrade and I appreciate the tech that is under the hood, not just the visual details. I watched the keynote and the thing that made me most excited was watching how the chip works. Honestly, there isn’t too much you can do with a phone that is pretty much all glass. So give me better camera, a faster processor and I’ll be happy. For me it is all about the camera, in this case, all 4 now.

I get pleasure having the newest iPhone every year, so yes, I will be waking up at 8am, not 3am like past years and putting my order in. I will be ordering the 256MB Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro. Not the bigger one (the Max), Brad will be getting that one.

Should you upgrade?

Well I would say no. Not if you have an X or newer phone, unless you are part of the Apple cult like me who has to have the newest and greatest. Phones are expensive and along with that expense also means they last much longer than they used to, your new-ish iPhone should last you 3 to 4 years in my opinion and if you don’t need the camera upgrade you probably won’t notice much of a difference. I am a heavy user, I’m on phone on average 8 hours a day. That is personal and work so my phone is a huge part of my life.

If you are due for an upgrade I honestly think the 11 is the best phone for value and features. Plus it will make sure I always take a better picture with one of my 3 lenses. Joking aside, the 11 is an amazing device if you are due for an upgrade and don’t want to pay top dollar for a Pro.

The Sales Pitch

We have two phones for sale. They will be available September 24th after our new phones are received. If you are interested, please message us!

For Sale: iPhone XS 256 GB in Rose Gold

  • Fantastic care has been taken to keep this phone pristine. I always have a case on it and there are no scratches anywhere.
  • Apple Care+ until September 20, 2020, this will be factored into the price because I can get a refund for the unused portion and I have never redeemed or used it.
  • Peel Clear plastic case
  • Apple Smart Cover with the built in battery. This was just exchanged three weeks ago on warranty for a new one so pretty much brand new.
  • Unlocked

I’m all about giving the buyer a fair price. The Apple Care has value and so does the Apple Smart case which effective more than doubles the battery of the phone!

iPhone: $1100
Smart Battery: $125 ($179 new!)
Apple Care+: $125 value


iPhone and Smart Case: $1,225
With Remaining Apple Care: $1,350

For Sale: iPhone XS Max 256 GB in Rose Gold

  • Apple Care+ until September 20, 2020. One of the two “accidental damage” claims has been used, but one remains.
  • There are some minor scratches on the front glass. Can be repaired to new glass for $39 under the AppleCare warrantee above. Back glass is scratch free.
  • Unlocked


iPhone and Apple Care+: $1,250