It’s that time of year. We are getting a jump on spring cleaning and we are also renovating two bathrooms. This means that we have some goods for sale. I would prefer not to throw out perfectly good items and would love for them to go to someone who would actually use them.

I’ll be adding frequently when new things come up, if you register it will email you when I update this site. If you are interested in any item, shoot me a message. Looking for fast turnaround and preferably local so they can be picked up quickly and easily.

B100 Toto Washlets for Toilet

We have two of these dandy little butt washers. There are some requirements before you decide you want a warm butt when it is cold outside. 1. You need to have an elongated bowl, so not a round one. 2. Power is required so a plug that is easily accessible to your toilet would be ideal. When we renovated the first time we had plugs installed lower down the wall. These Washlets spray water (at the temperature of your choice) and have a heated seat. A clean butt is a happy butt. Functional and potentially erotic if you would like. 

$50 each to a loving home. By one, buy both.

Door Handles / Knobs

4 door knobs are free for the taking. No one wants a door with no knob, or even worse, an ugly knob.

These handles do not have locks. The reason we changed the handles is because the ones with the locks were fiddly and people thought they were breaking the door knob when trying to leave the bathroom. We threw those out but are more then willing to give these regular ones to a loving home with warm hands.


Two sets: 1 Towel, 1 Hand Towel and 1 Toilet Paper Holder

Don’t be a slob and leave your towels laying around. Hang them and make them feel loved. Buy one or both sets. These are a steal at $30 for each set. Not pictured is the toilet paper holder but they basically look like the hand towel holder so really there aren’t any surprises.

$30 per set.