For the last two day I have been on set. I can’t really publish what I was working on but I can probably guarantee that you haven’t heard of the TV show. The show has many seasons and the target audience is kids and young adults I assume. I was an audience member at a reality contest that fit into the storyline of the show.

Right away I made a friend who gave me insight into the industry. We were at a sound stage location with a massive waiting area filled with kids and TV moms. My call time was 11:42am on the first day, which from what I was told, was a very comfortable. I got to sit in air conditioning all day in comfortable seats, clapping and showing love for contestants on this fictional show. I was told the food was pretty good for non-union eats. Union members get to eat at the better buffet after the crew is done getting their food.

It was totally interesting seeing how the filming takes place and how many people were involved. It is pretty amazing since I hadn’t even heard of the show. I quickly learned the pattern, where the camera were, and the process of how things were done in this particular episode. We had to pretend conversation, clap, and sometimes boo. It’s hard to have a natural reaction when you have seen something three times already.

The kids. There were a lot of kids. The staff was amazing with the kids and had much more patience than me. They get restless, they get tired and by the time 8 hours rolls around they aren’t having it. Don’t get me wrong, some of the kids were amazing and clapped on demand. There were others who cried for their mom (and this one was a total brat), one kid who was in front row with his head on the seat and butt in the air, he also pulled his shirt over his face multiple times. There was also a kid who insisted on standing on his seat because he couldn’t see. The kids that decided to talk throughout made it uncomfortable for the other kids that were following the rules and you could always hear “shhhhh!”. It is pretty apparent that many of the kids just don’t want to be there and their parents are the driving force behind them doing it. I also think that this was a good way for some parents to occupy their kids and get paid for it just before school is back in.

My first day I was done by 10pm and the second day I was there from 11 to 9. Overall, again, not a bad situation from what I have heard. I got paid, fed and was pretty comfortable.

Why am I doing this? Cause why not! I have flexible hours and it is a fun experience. I got to talk to many interesting people and see how the TV industry works. I will definitely do it again when something interesting comes up.

When I find out when the episode will air, I’ll definitely share... so you can see my mouth the words: Amazing to my neighbour.