Last night we experienced the Lady Gaga residency show in Las Vegas from General Admission floor. It was definitely an amazing!

The Show

Obviously we all know that she is a fantastic performer. Her singing was amazing and the dancing definitely made the show. It also helped that we were very close to the stage, maybe 10 ft. away. So when she came out to play the piano she was right in front of us.

There were some technical difficulties about halfway through the show. She was about to come out in a big robot and they blew a breaker. The musicians kept on playing but we couldn’t hear anything except for the drummer. The lights slowly shut down and we awkwardly waited for, what I think was being done, a reboot of the systems after the power went out. She did acknowledge the outage after about 20 minutes when they got her back in the robot.

The show has a story, it is about her enigma and some planet and some avatar looking being that is supposed to be her in some way. Yes, I’m being vague because I really wasn’t paying much attention. It was a bit much. Hopefully they fine tune it a bit and make it less of a story and more of a showcase of her music. The story did fit with all the costume changes but I really just wanted her to get to the next song.

She did talk with the audience and express how much she doesn’t like Trump and Pence’s wife’s audacity to call herself a Christian but yet work for a school that is not accepting of LGBTQ. You go girl.

The concert was fantastic but when you are that close, how could it not be?


Being in front of the entire venue we had a birds eye view of the VIP seated area. We had Dan Levy, Mitchell from Modern Family and were blown away when the stunning Angela Bassett came in looking freaking amazing.


Dan, Brad and I were in the general admission. Heather and Emily were in seats, and Angela Bassett was behind me.

Yes, I know I’m not the “best” singer, but isn’t the saying: Sing like no one is listening?

Just Dance

The Robot - After the Power Outage

Bad Romance