Curaçao is an island off the coast of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean. Out of the normal path of hurricanes we are looking forward to the predicted temperature of about 29 degrees as Toronto starts to become chilly.

I’m extremely excited to be visiting this island. I’m normally pretty cautious in the Caribbean, mainly because many of the islands aren’t the safest outside of your resort bubble. But the friends who we are renting the condo from have stated otherwise. They say the island is pretty safe and also somewhat gay friendly which is definitely a good thing.

The condo is on the beach and has it’s own private pool. This isn’t only a sun vacation, we will be taking advantage of the internet to work some or half of the days.

I’ll be updating this post with updates!


Flying down Air Canada direct from Toronto. Flying home also on Air Canada... in business class using points.

Staying at a beachside condo. Our friend Fei is coming down for the first half of the trip.

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As non religious I am, sometimes the best word is blessed. The beach at the condo is absolutely lovely. Never busy. Close to our fridge. And enclosed by a rock wave break that keeps the private cove somewhat calm even when it is windy. I have snorkelled every day and I’m more than content. I have found some favourite fish that I keep on going back to. Including a tiny shrimp like creature that lives on an Anenamy. Having the ability to snorkel without having to travel, even to cross a street is definitely a blessing.

More pictures in my Curacao Gallery.

Porte Marie Beach

When we planned the trip I was excited to find out that there is a beach with pigs. I was expecting a sort of experience like the pig beach in Bahamas, that I still haven’t been to. Well we did see a pig but it was sitting in a green pool of water in the mud. The pigs are wild and saunter down to the beach to see all the tourists but we weren’t that lucky. The beach itself was crowded so we walked up and down and then headed to the restaurant to have some lunch. No pigs for us on the beach, but we ate enough ribs on this trip.

Thanks Fei for this:


Steak and Ribs

Guess what we ate? Well, it wasn’t steak.

Ribs, ribs and more ribs. A cute little place that was moderately busy right on the water. We ordered three types of ribs to all share and they all came with sites like rice & beans, deep fried yucca and Spanish potatoes (fried potatoes and onions).

The ribs were pretty tasty and definitely hit the spot for our first meal... although some would argue fish should have been our first meal here but we are more about the meat.


No trip to a foreign country can happen without a minimum of one trip to McDonald’s. I was hoping to find a chicken Mac, but no luck. Instead we got a burger called the McNifica. I googled it before and apparently it is the Whopper of McDonalds. Well... a whopper is better and so is the bun on the whopper. We didn’t enjoy the bun and I felt the burger was quite bland. I did enjoy that they provided mayo packets with the fries without asking.

We also went to McDonald’s on the last day of the trip for breakfast. I couldn’t resist the uber healthy Triple Egg McMuffin. 


This restaurant was recommended by our hosts and it is a 10 minute walk from where we are saying. Eating outdoors in this country is easy because the temperature and humidity is delightful.

The service and food was fantastic. We had fresh burata to start along with shrimp on grilled pineapple. Coincidentally we all ordered the same dish, unplanned. Fettuccine with a beef ragu which was totally delicious. We ended by splitting a lemon tart with ice cream and lemon custard. The food was great and the service was as delightful. Our waiter was very nice.

OP=OP Eetbar

As I sit here waiting for ribs at OP=OP, a second time in one week, my mouth is already watering. It seems like we have been eating a lot of ribs. Well it’s true, this is our third meal of ribs and definitely the better choice over my previous comments on Steak & Ribs. We noticed this time that they actually have a rib count down. When we arrived there were 38 left, after our order 2 x 750gr (a rack and a half), he promptly updated the number to 35... and it is only 6:50pm! I have to admit that I was a little anxious wondering if we were going to make it before they ran out... obviously we did along with $400 of casino winnings.

Restaurant 020

This fine dining restaurant was located right next to our condo, so a very easy choice for a great dinner. We did dress up by putting on a polo but we still wore shorts. The location is an old house that is a perfect use case for Apple iPhone 11 Night Sight.

The restaurant was beautiful inside with cutlery that was in a drawer in front of you. It was modern and we were seated at the bar looking into the kitchen. The service was impeccable.

The meal itself was a three course experience. We started with a some pulled chicken dumplings and some home made focaccia.


Potato Salad Starter

I’m a sucker for potato salad but not so much for foam. This had some foam which added surprisingly to the dish but the highlight was definitely the mustard ice cream that came on top of the potato salad. First time for ice cream as an appetizer and first time for mustard ice cream.

Dover Sole

I’m not a huge fish guy but if I’m gonna do it I may as well do it while on an island and at a high end restaurant. I think I handled it quite well, it was tasty and it was the entire fish which was incredibly filling. It also came with bernaisse sauce and mashed potatoes.

Praline Soufflé

Perfect and oh so light.


Tuna Tartare

Tuna tartare is always a popular choice when it is on the menu. This one was presented much more creatively than in other restaurants. Inside the deep fried crispy pillow was the cool tuna. We actually don’t know how they did it. Magic. Poof.

Chicken Stuffed with Mushroom Deuxelle

I don’t know what deuxelle is but Brad is the one that was eating it. He said it was good, it also had fois gras on it.

Orange and Jalapeño Tartare, 5 spice ice cream and Honey Meringue

This came on a block of ice wrapped in plastic. Many flavours, I tried it, I liked it, I liked mine better.


This restaurant came recommended by a few folks. The setting is lovely, a courtyard with a large tree in the middle. But honestly, maybe because I didn’t order fish at a restaurant called Fishalicious was a mistake. One of the dishes looked appetizing until I saw that it had anchovy sauce. Anchovy is on my banned list.

So in a last minute decision I opted for the flank steak. The presentation was lovely with triangles of polenta. But the steak which I got medium rare, was chewy and hard to cut. I’m also thinking they forgot to give me a steak knife. Lesson learned, save the steak order for Beefalicious... if that restaurant were to exist.

Two great things about this restaurant was the tuna spread that came with the bread and the table fries that came but we were not sure why.


Beau Rivage

We are fortunate enough to have friends that purchased a condo in Curaçao that we rented from. The location is perfect and everything we could have asked for in a relaxing vacation. It pretty much checks off all the boxes in a great place to stay.

The bedroom is a 2.5 bathroom, two bedroom ground floor condo. This allows you to walk 20 steps to the pool or 50 steps to the beach. I didn’t count the steps but you get the picture. It was perfect. The pool was a great temperature, the wifi was fast and if I forgot something we could easily run to the condo to get it without climbing any stairs.

The private beach was also perfection. A man made rock wall stopped the surf on the windy days and made the cove calm for floating. This rock divider also made for a great habitat for all the fish. I snorkelled daily and thoroughly enjoyed it with minimal effort being only steps away from the condo. No rocks, just sand and very comfortable palapas.

We hope to make this trip at a minimum annually, not only for the ribs... but for Beau Rivage also.