When we arrived to Melbourne the first thing we did was visit this art installation. It is was a block away from the hotel and we had heard from Paul that it was pretty cool... it was.

It is in the ACMI in Foundation square in a massive dark underground theatre filled with spaced out couches. There was a 10 minute line to get in because people can come and go as they please... but they take the time to escort you into the darkness. Most people aren’t staying for the whole movie so seats are always becoming available.

The movie is 24 hours long. It is clips of movie and TV shows that mention or show time. But the cool thing is, the time mentioned is the current time when you are watching.

We went in around 2:15 to 2:45. Because it is wrapping up in Melbourne, they actually ran it in it’s entirety this weekend. We went back at 10:30pm and stayed until 11pm.

After some research, it seems has been around for a while but we had never heard of it but if you ever have the chance to see, it is definitely worth checking out.

The video below is a snippet from the artist. You are supposed to start it at 12:04am...