This trip started with the Spice Girls. When they announced the tour we immediately planned to make another destination concert appearance. We got tickets for their show at Wembley Stadium in London for June 15th.

Instead of a quick jaunt over the pond, I decided it would be nice to stretch it out. We have friends in Oslo that we wanted to visit and then Pino suggested that he would like to visit Lofoten in northern Norway. Add Berlin to the mix at the beginning and we were good to go.


Flying to Berlin on United via Newark and Brussels. I’m in economy, unless I get upgraded for the long flight. This will also be my first time on a 787-10. I was supposed to leave this afternoon but when I woke I had a notification that the flight was delayed to Newark which would make my connection a bit tight. So I promptly called United and got on an earlier Air Canada flight.

From Brussels to Berlin I’ll be on Brussels airlines.

Flying to Norway and then onto London will be on Norwegian airlines.

Brad will be meeting me in Oslo for most of the remainder of the trip. After a few days there we are meeting up with Heather and Fei in London to see Spice Girls minus Posh.

Home will be on United again through Newark. I did secure a business upgrade on this flight.

Brussels Airport

I ate, took a sleeping pill and woke minutes before we started our descent. I missed breakfast but I’m okay with that. So it was a very easy flight.  

A quick stop at Brussels airport for my next flight. From what I can tell it’s a nice airport. I do feel like it sort of runs as a train station. When you enter the terminal, everyone is standing around looking at screens wondering where their gate is. If you are early it tells you to relax until XX:XX. Personally I would rather get to my gate and relax, not stand around waiting for it to be announced.

I did go to the Loft lounge which is delightful and has adequate breakfast foods like rosti and various pasta salads. And if you are into huge croissants, they have them if it is your thing.

But they really had me at the lemon tart. Sold! They have cross promoted with Lexus so there were Lexus representatives there at a desk.

They also had a chocolatier making chocolates for consumption.

I did manage to squeeze in a quick shower too. Sponsored by Grohe, the shower was decked out with mood lighting a 10 different water setting to choose from. It was nice to get freshened up.

It is Summer in Berlin

30 degrees (86 for those Americans) in Berlin these last few days. I’m feeling the summer. Probably a bit more than in Toronto when the heat finally hits because very little is air conditioned. I’m also just learning that Christo works in an office that is “green” and that means the air is cooled using some “green” mechanics but it barely works and his office is a sweaty mess. I just couldn’t.

Norway Bound

A day of firsts. First time to Schönefeld Airport in Berlin, first time on Norwegian Air and first time to Norway.

Leaving the 30 degree sticky weather behind in Germany, the second leg of my trip begins. Pino is joining me in Norway, the northern area of Norway called Lofoten.

Lofoten is an archipelago within the arctic circle. It seems that the weather will be in the teens which I’m perfectly okay with. We will be exploring and hiking and I have layers of clothing with me. We will be renting a car so we will be prepared if the weather gets rainy.

Between the two of us we also have two DJI Osmo Pockets, a drone, three cameras, two iPads, two iPhones and two apple pencils. We are ready for anything.

What I’m looking forward to is not only the striking views and mountains but the days of light. Sunset is midnight and sunrise is 1am. I don’t think the sky will even get dark. I’m excited to experience it!