To get a plan that is 15GB for $60 a month isn't that hard, and apparently enough people are asking for it that it is getting much easier to match.

You need to be bringing your own phone. So if your phone is subsidized it won't work. Stop reading and get back to work.

The easiest, but not most efficient way is to contact @FidoSolutions via direct message on Twitter. You can also use Messenger or their live chat on the web site but this morning it wasn't allowing new chats because of high volume.

Send them a message like: 

I have heard that you are matching Freedom Mobile's plan with your own 15GB / $60. Would you be able to match that plan for me? 

If they come back and say no, although the blogs are reporting that they are pretty quick to accept now.

I will have to investigate Freedom Mobile’s plans tomorrow, since if they are offering 15Gb for $50 that’s hard to pass up. I do want to stay with Fido though, so I am really hoping you can find a way to switch me to the 15Gb / $60 plan.

Brad has had no problem switching and I am now switched also!