Apple Arcade is a subscription based game service that Apple has just launched. I signed up for it when it was still in beta at $5.99 a month. So far I think I have got my money’s worth. The subscription also allows you to download games to your Apple TV. A benefit of this subscription is that the games contain no advertising and no in app purchases. You get a pure game that you can play and then delete when done. For kids I think this is pretty awesome, too many times I see kids playing games that are riddled with Google Ads just waiting for their sticky fingers to press them.

Mini Motorways

I love a good SIM game and this is a simplified game but actually more difficult then one would expect. I have played Mini Metro and enjoy it so this game seems like it will be right up my ally. It didn’t disappoint and I’m still trying to reach some of the goals.

Businesses pop up and you need to draw roads connecting the houses of matching colour to the business. The cars then start making their trip. You have limited roads, bridges, stop lights and Motorways. Every “week” you get more supplies. The game is challenging and ever changing.

This is a game that you can play over and over again... it is a good time killer.

Assemble with Care

I love building things and this is a short game with 13 levels where you need to put together things like a phone or a camera. It is a puzzle game that is tied to a store. I lost interest in the story and the scrolled past most of the talking to get to the assembly of the items. Some of the items were a bit tricky to assemble, but I like putting things together so the puzzles were too challenging for me. I finished the game over a few days of casual play. I probably could have finished the entire game in 30 minutes if I had applied myself and skipped all of the reading from the start. This is a good example of a game that is actually good quality, but short so I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for it.


I find this game strangely relaxing. I am a fan of a good puzzle but have never understood why anyone would want to do a puzzle on a device. Dragging pieces doesn’t seem too fun. This game got me though. The puzzles are line drawings that repeat. The pieces, when you add them, turn to colour. So I am finding the puzzles challenging but relaxing. The pieces are visual Tetris like shapes and there is no rotating, you find where the piece goes by looking at the art on the pieces and finding the matching art on the canvas. The art repeats but there is a restrained area where you can drop the pieces. This probably makes no sense, but it makes sense when you play.