For my anniversary gift, our 10 year anniversary, Brad gifted me with a personalized message from him self and some “celebrities”.

The service is called Cameo and you can pay various prices to have somewhat D list, sometimes up to A list celebrities and reality stars create customized messages for you or someone else as a gift. It’s somewhat fun and this year we obviously made good use of the service.

For someone background, we always “joke” that we are each others lobster. It is a line stolen from Friends and phoebe uses the term in an episode since lobsters mate for life. And the Kelly Clarkson reference is because in my wedding speech I ended it with the most compelling lyric ever written: My Life Would Suck Without You.

Here are the stars in the video:


Obviously my favourite star and human.


She is from Apprentice show and Celebrity Big Brother and of course a short stint at the White House.

Todrick Hall

He is a singer, dancer and choreographer. He also has made many appearances on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Countess Luanne

Well, she had bad sound and screwed up the talking points but she is fun. And of course she had to mention Cabaret. Cause if you know of her, you know that is her thing.

Kato Kaelin

The most famous houseguest and the most entertaining Cameo on this video. The song was unexpected but totally fun.