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Tokyo 2019

Our first trip of the year, we went to Tokyo after our New Years in Taipei. Alen, Brad and myself were on this trip.

teamLab Planets in Tokyo

Another immersive experience by the same people that did the exhibit the day before.

teamLab Borderless in Tokyo

After seeing photos of Borderless on Instagram, I knew that I needed to experience it on this trip to Tokyo. I wasn’t disappointed.

Shibuya Crossing Timelapse

Took a time lapse using my DJI Osmo Pocket.

New Years Eve Fireworks Show at Taipei 101

Part of the reason of visiting Taipei over New Years was to experience the Fireworks on Taipei 101. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but they still delivered a fantastic light show.

Taipei for New Years

Taipei and Tokyo with Alen and Brad. We will be experiencing the New Years eve in Taipei end then making our way to Tokyo for 5 nights.

Christmas in Vancouver - 2018

Holiday updates from Vancouver.

2019 Travel

Brad has been on a booking spree for 2019. We started with a few seat sale tickets but some recent developments in the concert world has increased our bookings.

Kylie, here we come! In Sydney Australia!

She cancelled on us in Ireland but we are going to give it another try and we got tickets for Kylie Minogue’s show in Sydney.

A Week at Walt Disney World

I’m not expert but I have some tips and observations for Walt Disney World. You can’t visit Disney World without some planning, and planning helps you be efficient.