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Tel Aviv, Israel

A week in Tel Aviv, Israel with Alen and Karen.

Weekend Trip to Detroit for Carly Rae Jepsen

Square pizza, scary arcades, drippy popsicles, nerd covered candy, an empty theatre and a full one.

Spice Girls in London

The reason for this trip to London was to visit the Spice Girls... even without Posh.

Hiking up Festvågtind

Today we didn’t have to go far for our next hike. This hike started a 5 minute drive from Henningsvær and provided us with amazing views of the town from over 500 metres up on a cliff.

Lofoten, Norway

Yesterday was our first full day in Lofoten, an archipelago in northern Norway that resides within the arctic circle. We are spending 4 days in this stunning place.

Berlin, Norway, and Spice Girls

Why not fit 4 different destinations into one trip? First stop is Berlin for 3 days, then northern Norway for 3 days, Oslo for 3 days and finally London for 5.

The House of Dancing Water

La Reve. On steroids.

Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Macau, and Honolulu - all at once.

Why visit one city when you can visit 5 within 11 days.

A Great Trip To Vancouver

10 day trip to Vancouver to spend with friends and family. I was also able to celebrate some birthdays including my own.

Bowen Island

Today I spent the day with two lovely ladies, Dana and Christine. With the rain stopping (finally), we decide to do a little trip to Bowen Island to check it out.