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Time Lapse Videos

Toronto Time Lapse

Was visiting a friend who lives south of city hall and took a time lapse. A crazy Friday night!

Toronto Time Lapse May 21, 2019

Another time lapse. The clouds were cooperating in this one.

Waikiki Sunset Time Lapse

Another day, another time lapse. This one of Waikiki.

Purple Tulip Time Lapse

Another day, another floral time lapse.

Toronto Time Lapse - April 3, 2019

I'm sort of on a time lapse kick these days. The ability to keep my DJI Osmo Pocket powered for as long as I want, I'm a little addicted.

Daffodil Time Lapse

Taking a break from city time lapses, I’m branching out to flowers. There is something pretty calming and pretty watching a flower bloom.

24 Hour Toronto Time Lapse

After doing an evening time lapse that looked pretty good I thought I would do another that spans 24 hours.

Toronto Time Lapse - March 23

Cloudless sunset looking north from Yonge and Carlton.