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All things Apple related mostly. I get asked a lot if someone should upgrade...or if they need to buy a new product. My thoughts will be here. 

Are you with Fido or Rogers?

As of yesterday, September 22, 2019, they are matching a Freedom Mobile plan of 15GB for $60 a month.

iOS 13

I read the Apple blogs and most likely the majority of friends and family don’t. So I’m going to put together some tips that you may find helpful.

It’s Time for an iPhone Upgrade

It’s that time of year! iPhone trade up time and that also means our existing iPhones will be available. As always, we like to give friends and family an opportunity to get in on our iPhones before we post them for sale publicly.

A shoutout to Bose

My Bose noise cancelling headphones stopped working and they replaced them, no questions asked, for free and fast.

My Thoughts on the Apple Announcement March 25, 2019

So this is a PSA for friends and family, and mainly those in Canada. Apple had a keynote today laced with celebrity.

Screen Time Experiment

This may be useful for iOS addicted kids... and adults who need to focus on work and would like to spend less time on Facebook, Instagram stories and news. I am always on my phone and I’m trying to change that.

First eSIM Usage

I have been reckless with my data this trip. I arrived in Asia with an ample 6gb remaining on my plan, that’s after I increased it planning for some high data usage. Today I got the dreaded message from Fido saying that I was over and had already spent $50 in fees. Highway robbery!

Zoom Camera

The camera in your pocket is the best camera right? Sure. That does apply to me because I always have my XS with me and it is a pretty good camera. But sometimes when I’m travelling or at a concert, the zoom is quite lacking in the iPhone.

My love of Telegram

When I recommend something, it really means I have to like it. I am more than happy to recommend Telegram as my go-to messenger app for many many reasons.

To buy an XS or XR iPhone...

A have had a few people ask me if they should buy the XR or more colourful XS. Here are my thoughts.