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New Years Resolutions 2019

I’m not big into resolutions... Maybe these are more like guidelines to keep myself reminded of what I want to do this year.

Christmas Puzzle

Thanks to my sister and her family I received a Christmas puzzle. I decided to sit down and do it in one full swoop. It was a 500 piece puzzle.

1 Year

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Zak's life event that changed our lives forever. I'm really not sure what I am to write here, but I feel like I need to write something to address what has happened, where we are one year later, and where he is now.

Annual Holiday Cards

A collection of our annual holiday cards.
We were at Indigo at Manulife Centre last night, Viggo Mortensen walked right by me. Strangely enough, his movie was just let out from the theatre above... was he watching his own movie?

Shot on iPhone

I was selected to participate in the Shot on iPhone original marketing campaign in 2015. This is how a photo I took ended up on billboards around the world.
If you are the last person on the elevator, you are the first person off assuming you are all going to the same floor. This is especially useful when entering an airport lounge.