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I like a good challenge. Sometimes I start with good intentions and don’t finish but why not take on another one. I have the Mary Berry baking bible, and all 250 recipes. I have now made it my goal to make each of the recipes. Sort of Julie and Julia style... lets see if I can stick to this. The problem is, I shouldn’t eat all the sweet treats so hopefully I can find some takers, but it never seems to be hard.

KitchenAid Mixer Saga

I was out for dinner a few weeks ago and Alen mentioned that he scored a KitchenAid stand mixer at The Bay for a great price and rebate. It was a one day sale, but it sparked my desire to upgrade to the bigger lift style mixer. I'm now on my third purchase to get the perfect one.

Canadian Molasses Leatherneck Cookies

The first cookie in from the new baking cook book that I’m tackling. I have been Canadian all my life and I have never heard of these cookies.
Well after some thought, there will be no more Mary Berry. I just made my third recipe today and it wasn't great. Maybe some of the ingredients are different in the UK but it just didn't taste great. Also, the recipe called for a 12" x 9" and we have only 13" x 9" in Canada. So I'm over it.

Double Chocolate Cookies

I made some double chocolate cookies to take to a friend this weekend from the Mary Berry cookbook.

Medeira Cake

So this is the first recipe in the Mary Berry bible recipe book. It looked easy. It didn't turn out the best.