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Why am I doing this? Good question. Let me explain.

I have decided that I want somewhere that I can document life. Experiences, opinions, maybe some tips, and really a way to keep my Nana updated. Public posts can be consumed by anyone, but also posts that I can restrict to those close to me through a login system. Yes, another forking login, but I plan to make it easy.

Over the past months with all the controversy with Facebook privacy, I have stopped visiting Facebook frequently and I have definitely reduced the number of posts. I'm finding that I would rather take time to document my life and experiences and not rely on Facebook. With this in mind, I considered my options. I still like to share things with family and friends and whoever may have an inkling of interest. I am a social person after all... I decided to build my own site and at the same time learn some new code for work. I love discussion: about TV shows, movies, politics, and maybe just about anything. I also like sharing my opinions and normally tech advice. I'm also trying to reteach myself "that likes and double tap hearts" aren't something that enhance my life. Wow. I just got deep, maybe this year has put things in perspective.

I find that things you post on the social media also disappear so quickly. I would like some sort of permanence for my thoughts that will sort of create a repository. I also like to take a passive approach to social media. I don't like to be in your face, so maybe one day when you think: "I haven't talked to Steven in a while, let me check out his very easy to find site with a totally simply address that you can't forget" instead of: "let me see if Steven has come up in my Facebook feed within the last 3 hours".

Another motivation for me is Zak. This past year has been a very emotional one. My best friend, non-blood family member, employee, and one of my most favourite people, had an addiction unbeknownst to me and he overdosed on December 22, 2017. I think that sharing my feelings is therapeutic for me. Those close to the situation also know how complex this has been with his family and how awful things have been. I would like to express this, document it, discuss it, but it isn't for public consumption. That is another reason why I want some sections to be restricted.

Even though I take a passive approach, I'm still giving the opportunity to subscribe to a weekly or daily email that will give a recap of any posts of the previous day or week if there are any. If you are intrigued you can simply click and it will auto log you in. If you don't care, then delete the email. Easy. But of course the email is not required or forced upon you, but again, I think Nana will appreciate an email when something new has been posted. In the top right you can register if you want. By default you won't get any emails but you can choose the daily or weekly update. Do I need a monthly one?

Anyway, this site is mainly for me but if you get some entertainment out of it, that will make me forking happy. And forking ... bonus points if you get the reference.